The wallet app
you’ve been waiting for

We are proud to present our new Folgory Wallet App, the mobile app design to make transactions,send and receive payment sand create addresses super easy.

Make it your own

Just as you never thought of leaving your house without your. physical wallet,this appwillbe come the most indispensable accessory of you daily life.Our fully customizable dashboard makes the usability experience an intuitive delight.

What matter to you, matter to us

Because each person prioritizes different currencies according to the uses they have for them, our wallet appgives the possibility to change the order of the coins displayed so your favorite coins can always be on the top of your list for easy access.

How it Works?

Various versions have evolved over the years, sometimes by accident, sometimes on purpose (injected humour and the like).

Your focus where you want it and without distractions

Being overloaded with information can be overwhelming, specially if you don’t need it. Our app allows you to activate and deactivate wallets so you only spend your attention on the coins that you have a utility for or you are interested in.

Verification never has been so easy

Forget the long steps required to upload your KYC documentations and pictures to the computer and then to the system. Our KYC camera upload system will make you feel you already finish the process before you started.

Receive and send all the payments you want

With Folgory Wallet Mobile App you can send payments to any other wallet owner with the a simple tap on the screen,and the QR Code payment generator make the transactions even friendlier to use and enjoy.

The most important coins ready to use

We know how important is to havey our currencies available when you want to buy some thing in a specific coin, that’s why our wallet app comes with them a in coins included, so you never miss the opportunity to make the purchase you want

Push notifications to never miss anything

Our app comes with an integrated notification system so you can always be aware of all the payments sent to your wallet. Our push notification will make sure you never miss a transaction so activate the bell and relax!

And more!

+Swap exchange with main trade pairs

+Bitcoin trends

+Profile area


+Technical support ticket system