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Folgory listing policy.

Security is at the base of Folgory's guidelines. We dedicate many energies and resources to keep our systems always updated with highest security standard for ensuring to our users a safe and succesfull experience. To keep our promises, the listing procedures must be follow a strict policy. All listing requests have to be sent exclusively to the following dedicated link Listing Manager For any other inquire concerning all Folgory's products and services, you can contact our official Telegram copntact or via mail - Folgory team is not responsible for different accounts from those mentioned above or payments made to different walletts.

  • Official Email domain : and
  • BTC address : 1CCGnVnyUqti9eHsCJzj7aiSmjVTsr5Sar
  • USDT address : 0xdbabb79712fba08cf7234b9ec113ba521f92c55b