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The concept of crypto currencies was developed and democratized across the world with the launch of Bitcoin in 2009. It is said that an individual or a group of people behind the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto would be behind the Blockchain technology. Since then, many virtual currencies have invaded the market with varying degrees of success. To stand out, a currency must be backed by an innovative trade. Faced with this observation, Pascal Groult and the founding members of SiXyeS have developed a new model of ECommerce that will revolutionize the world of international trade by facilitating multi-currency and multi-transaction transactions between countries. SiXyeS is an international trading platform where professionals and individuals can easily sell or buy in Euros, dollars, HeptaFranc, the virtual currency associated with the model, in various other Crypto currencies, or even hiding goods and services. The exchanges are optimized, thanks to the international coverage of SiXyeS and the six different types of sales offered on the platform (direct, trading, highest bidder, candle, barter or shared) and the value regulator function of HeptaFranc. In addition to facilitating and optimizing your commercial exchanges, SiXyeS is an innovative concept that allows everyone to trade with everyday products and services. The platform offers you the possibility of trading on new or used products. Services of everyday life. You can very simply sell or buy services, products, intellectual services, while speculating. HeptaFranc is a Crypto currency that aims to become the main trading currency on SiXyeS and, thus, to de-regulate the value of international trade. The operation of the platform is governed by a system of rewards, which allows buyers and sellers to obtain HeptaFranc for each of their transactions. The two main virtues of this reward system are a significant volume of exchange and a rate of higher customer loyalty. This is a place of trading, buying and rewarding


White paper:
Blockchain: http://explorateur.heptafranc.com:3001/
Wallet: https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/a390ca31/files/uploaded/heptafranc-qt-windows.zip Pool: http://pool.heptafranc.com/
Node: http://node1.heptafranc.com/
Referencial : https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/a390ca31/files/uploaded/UNIX_Build_Notes.pdf Plateforme SiXyeS with use Heptafranc: https://www.sixyes.fr/
Socie?te?: https://www.infogreffe.fr/entreprise-societe/853224772-sixyes-500119B002250000.html Contact cliente?le: contact@sixyes.fr

09 Dec 2019

31 Mar 2020

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